Nurture of Believers

1.Overall Suggestions for Nurturing Others

2. Suggestions for nurture of your own faith.

3. Suggestions for meeting in small home sharing groups.

4. Suggestions for Youth and Family nurture

5. Suggestion for a Classroom Setting (Sunday School, etc.)

6. Suggestions about Prayer

Nurture materials written by Jim Found

These are meant to help believers apply faith to daily life.

7. Eight Lessons for new believers.
The user reads a Bible verse and fills in blanks to grasp fundamental concepts.

8. Book of Mark Reading Guide,
for those who are new to reading the Bible.
An explanation of the words and concepts found in each verse.

9. Key Bible Topics.  Over 25 practical studies.

10. Faith Builders
Power Points for creed, commandments, Lord’s prayer, sacraments.

11. Christian Life Discussion Sheets
Ready to use for group meetings

12.  Development of Christianity over the years:
Why there are so many different churches, and
what the roots are of today’s challenges.  There is
also a  40-chapter presentation on church history
on this website. To prepare to read about the Reformation during this 500th anniversary century, read about people of the Reformation.

13. The Sunday Morning Church service:
Planning today’s worship by seeing how it developed up to now. (12 chapters). Click here for shorter version

13a. Summary of World Religions

Nurture materials written by Sue Found

14. Thinking Outside the Box
Ideas for youth studies and Sermon Topics   GoTo

15. Ideas for youth and children’s activities. GoTo
includes SKITS and GAMES)

16.  What God’s Word says about common life issues.  (Anger, jealousy, fear, and more)  GoTo

17. nature studies and activities.  GoTo

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