Faith Builders

These power points will help you build your faith.

Watch these to help you pray:
(insights from the Lord’s Prayer)
Hallowed: Seeing God as Our Father
Kingdom: Seeing God as special in your life
Thy Will: Putting God first
Bread: Seeing God as the One who gives us everything
Forgive: A life of forgiveness
Temptation: Watching out for bad decisions
Deliver: Fighting against evil

Watch these to guide how you live:
(insights from the Ten Commandments
1 About God as Number One
2 About respect for God
3 About finding rest inside
4 About those God placed above you
5About life issues
6 About gender
7 About what comes out of your mouth
8 About other people’s stuff
9&10 About jealousy and contentment

Luther — Why?   Why so many denominations?     
    You Tubes: The classic 1953 movie  (the trial is at 1:10:35)
Additional Protestants      Crash Course   (start at 1:38)

Insights into God from the Creed

God as Father — so what?
God as Almighty — so what”
God as Creator — so what?

Jesus as Son — so what?
Jesus on the cross — so what?
Jesus in your life today

Holy Spirit brings us to God
Holy Spirit changes our lives
Holy Spirit as power source

The rest of the creed
More about creeds

Church as God’s family
Church as a flock

Church: Why so many Denominations?

baptism — what happens
baptism — meaning for you today
communion  — what it is
communion — what the benefits are

Science and Faith power point

NOTE. If you are using these along with Luther’s small Catechism, note that I have alluded to Luther’s explanations in the power points to  make it easy for you to refer to the catechism at appropriate points, I have not reprinted the catechism because it is copyrighted material, but I have made summaries and short “fair-use” quotes. The edition I use is Luther’s Small Catechism copyright 1986 Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, Missouri.If you don’tahve access to a printed catechism, you can read it online at (the three parallel lines at upper right take you to the full menu and choice of languages).


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